Fees and Litigation Funding

Fees and Litigation Funding 

Fees and Litigation Funding 

One of the key features of Malvern Law is our ability to provide value for money and flexibility on how fees are calculated. Given that we are a small firm, based outside London, our overheads are low and whilst we provide City of London expertise and experience our hourly rates are significantly lower. We are able to offer services on an hourly rate basis, a fixed fee basis or in some cases a conditional fee agreement. Each case is different and when fixing a fee, we will take into account the client's needs, the length of time needed to be spent on the work, its complexity and importance and how quickly the work needs to be done.

Please do contact us directly to obtain a quotation for any legal services you require both for advice and representation. We are very happy to discuss the timescales for any legal service sought which would depend very much on the nature of the advice or litigation matter.  
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  • Competitive hourly rate
  • Conditional Fee agreement
  • Litigation Funding 
  • Transparency
  • Value for Money

Fixed Fee

In some cases, we agree a fixed fee at the time when we are instructed.  This could be a fixed fee for the entire piece of work or else a realistic prediction of a monthly fee that would cover work needed.  This means that you know the cost of the work from the outset.  Where there is some uncertainty as to how much time is likely to be involved, it is possible to agree an hourly rate for the work but with a maximum limit or 'cap' so that a client knows that the fee will no exceed a pre-set figure.

Hourly Rate

Where a fee is calculated on a hourly rate basis, our standard charging rates (exclusive of VAT) are from £200 to £350 per hour depending on level of experience.  VAT is chargeable where applicable.

Conditional Fee Arrangement

We are also prepared to consider working at reduced hourly rates on the basis of a conditional fee agreement under which our fees would be increased by an agreed percentage in the event of success.

Litigation Funding 

If you would like to consider alternatives to funding a case yourself, there are options available, especially in civil cases.  You might like to consider seeking funding from a litigation funder.  This is where a third party agrees to invest in your legal proceedings in return for a fee.  The funder cannot direct how the dispute is conducted.  This remains for you to decide in consultation with us.  The fees involved are subject to negotiation and depend on the sums at stake, the complexity and expected length of the matter.  There may be a range of funding packages available, including 'no win no fee' such that the funder only receives its fee if you succeed overall.  If you do not succeed, you will not owe anything to the funder.   You can approach brokers and/or funder directly however we recommend it is best for your legal team to be involved at an early stage in order to assess overall merits. 

" value for money and flexibility."

Insurance and Costs Exposure

In England & Wales, the general rule is that the losing party pays a proportion of the winning party's costs.   The rules are different in arbitration.  You may already have legal expenses insurance in place which will cover both legal expenses and costs exposure,  for example Directors & Officers (D&O) insurance.  If you have cover in place, this is sometimes referred to as 'before the event' insurance, i.e. before the circumstances which gave rise to the dispute.  You might also like to consider 'after the event insurance' (ATE) to insure you against the risks of being ordered to pay the other side's costs in the event that you do not succeed.  

We are happy to discuss all options with you in order to pursue or defend you legal proceeding.